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It’s Spring again!

What happens on the farm in Springtime? In an annual collaboration with Friesland Campina, we kick off the first day of  spring via a livestream from a farm! For two weeks, children learn about spring, cows and life on the farm. (Suitable for ages 6-9) Managing your money.

What is money really worth?

Children often do not realize that an online payment costs real money. Or that a having a mobile phone can lead to high costs. Together with Rabobank, we have developed a program to teach children about managing money.

Three beliefs on one pillow

The world religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam have more in common than students initially think. In collaboration with The New Church of Amsterdam, we have developed lessons that focus on the beauty of the faiths, with understanding, respect and tolerance as central pillars.

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By learning how journalists work, students learn how to behave as good citizens. How can you be curious, open and critical all at the same time? Students are challenged to make their voices heard and to publish their own news.

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Together for Warchild

There are currently more than twenty wars waging around the world. Hundreds of thousands  children become victims of war, separated from their parents and all alone. The lessons teach children here about their peers in other parts of the world as they put together an action plan to help children affected by war.

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Elena and her family introduce modern foreign languages to students in Germany, France and the Netherlands. Suitable for ages 6-8, and adaptable to different levels, curricula and teaching methods. The lesson pack consists of songs, chants, posters with audio support and interactive video.

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Children's Postage Stamps campaign

It’s a national tradition in the Netherlands; every September, children in primary school grades 7 and 8 sell children’s postage stamps to raise money for charity. They usually go from door to door in their own neighbourhood. What are the do's and don'ts? Through cool instructional videos, the children are prepared for their task.

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Paper & Cardboard

Empty pizza boxes. Is it waste paper or not? And what about junk mail in plastic packaging? "Paper & Cardboard" is a creative and informative project about the history of paper and cardboard. What are the main characteristics of paper and cardboard? How can we recycle them?  Including app: Who knows the most?

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