Teachers channel

Teachers Channel

Competent, committed and enthusiastic: Teachers Channel is the platform where education professionals can find out more on topics that interest them, so that they can guide and inspire their students to achieve even more.


Online portal for all year groups in primary schools. KlasseTV houses a large amount of up-to-date lessons, educational games, thematic packages and short videos linked to the best-selling course materials of all the major educational publishers in The Netherlands.


Digital portal with hundreds of educational clips for lower secondary education. The clips are matched to the learning objectives for geography, biology, history, science, economy and social studies.

logo 3000

LOGO 3000

This program stimulates the language development of children in the early years of the Dutch education system. The 3000 words contained in the “Amsterdam basic word list for young children” has been shown to increase the vocabulary of learners at later stages of their education.

LessonTV Pabo

Initial Teacher Training Institutions
Ready for the teacher training entrance exam? Many prospective students are not. The e-lessons in this online training tool help students to prepare for the geography, history,  science and technology tests.

E-courses developed for vocational services, MBO Diensten

The Election Academy

In an interactive learning environment consisting of photos, videos and situations, polling station members prepare for their work in the polling station.

E-learning developed for Procura, in collaboration with the NVVB.

GeoTax Expertise Centre

Through e-learning modules, students are trained to become real-estate appraisers. After completing the modules, they can take national professional exams (SVMNIVO).

E-learning developed for GeoTax Property Information.

Seminary Academy

Teachers following the course Master of Special Educational Needs, are able to meet in an on-line platform, for study and discussion, in preparation for the classroom meetings.

E-learning environment developed for the Department for Medical Education / University of Utrecht.

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