Short clips

Educational videos for pupils in primary and secondary education. In line with the teaching materials and on all kinds of topics: from volcanic eruptions to creative tutorials.

Introduction Video for grade five/ six from lesson pack, "It’s Spring again!”


Online lectures by experts in different fields, from special educational needs to the involvement of parents in schools and the functioning of the brain. Presentations are 15 minutes long, supported by text and images in a slideshow.

The entire e-lecture by Irene Westeneng can be found at

Best practices

A series of films in which we depict the stories of inspiring teachers, school leaders and experts. Designed to inspire other education professionals to follow their example and develop best practices in their own schools.

Teacher reflects on own development in the e-learning course 'Professional development'.


Diagrams, manuals, animated comics. Some subjects lend themselves ideally to be animated. Sometimes tense and serious, sometimes a little bit funny.

Animated explanation about selling Christmas postage stamps for children in primary grades 7 and 8.

Demos and trailers

Short teasers that give an impression of the whole product.

Trailer of e-lesson by Mark Mieras about the working of your brain when you're in love.

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We supervise the production from A to Z.

We create and plan audio-visual concepts.

At our best, filming on location.

Together,  we create the desired look and feel.

Development from idea to final product.

We work with you on the form and content.

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